Vipaka - FAQ


These are hopefully the most commonly asked questions about Vipaka?

How does Vipaka differ from Karma?

The initial version of Vipaka is largely an updated version of Karma We have currently removed the OS-agent and alert log monitoring

Why the Green/Grey Color Scheme?

Ideally in the first major release of Vipaka we'll give the user the ability to change the color scheme, by having the color scheme in the config file.

How do I convert a karma.conf file to a vipaka.conf file

o remove all references to os and alert monitoring

What does the name Vipaka mean?

Vipaka is a Buddhist term meaning the result of Karma. From the Wikipedia article: ``Vipaka is the frution of Karma''.

Does Vipaka work on Microsoft Windows?

While we haven't tested it on Microsoft Windows with this release. It should work without too much effort. Vipakad is pretty generic perl and should work fine on Microsoft Windows. Vipakactl may have some issues.

Using cygwin and building your Perl DBI/DBD in that environment should give you a fully functional version of Vipaka under Microsoft Windows.

Why isn't e-mail working from the program?

You probably need to do a cpan install Mail::Send which will install the perl MailTools module.